Something For God To Do (SFGTD)

My personal origin of my Something For God To Do (SFGTD) Box:

This box was created as a reminder that God handles all of our problems. He doesn’t need our help.  The following testimony is what inspired me to create this special box:

I am an only child and my mother is an only child also.  My grandmother was not blessed to be able to have an additional child, nor was my mother.  So I believed I couldn’t have an additional child also for 3 years.  After having my first child, I deeply desired to have a second one.  I then made the decision to create a "Something For God To Do Box".  I wrote on a sheet of paper my prayer request of wanting to have the addition to our family and break this generational block. I believe in prayer and I received exactly what I asked God for.  Just 2 months later, I was pregnant with my second child!  Today, my husband and I are blessed to have two beautiful and healthy girls (now 8 years old and 5 years old).  I truly thank God that I am able to simply trust Him at His Word. That's all! This is just one of many testimonies that God has brought me through, no matter the curcumstance or situation. If He can do this for me, He is just as able to do this for you! I dare you to just trust in God and leave it all for Him.

Be Blessed, 

Candye B. Smith