Founder, Candye B. Smith

Give It 4Ward is more than a ministry, it is a passion that God has blessed me with several years ago. We have been blessed to work with different types of businesses: photographers, videographers, producers, publishers, pastors, ministers, artists, authors, radio stations, television studios (including our fabulous host, WRDW TV12 of Augusta Ga) and more.  As great as that is we are especially thankful to be blessed to work with everyday folks who do small things (and not-so-small things too) that make a powerful difference in the lives of those in need. I have truly seen people of all walks come together to help others overcome situations. This spirit of unity is desperately needed in these times.  The Bible calls the Gospel "Good News". This is good news in the midst of bad, in the midst, of trials, and in the midst of all that appears negative in our lives. We can all participate in the spreading "Good News".

So, Give It 4Ward is more than giving. It is a sharing of love, compassion, and hope. It is uplifting people regardless of their backgrounds, ethnicity, or nationality. Give It 4Ward is a celebration of the recipient that is blessed for that day. Even though the giving is for a day, the seeds that are planted lasts a lifetime.

Please join me in spreading more Good News.


Candye B. Smith